Semi-private Training

Our Semi-Private training generally involves 4-8 people per class but #’s can vary depending on the season, trainer availability, and time of day the class is offered. Classes  meet 2 or 3 times per week, and class length is 45-60 minutes.  The advantages of semi-private group training are:

1) Classes are organized for you:  You come in, the workout is explained, exercises are demonstrated, and you’re off!
2)  Power in numbers:   You’re often paired up with a partner(s) on exercises which helps with the motivation factor
3)  Affordability:  It’s the least expensive of all our training packages.

4)  Flexiblity:  If our already scheduled classes don’t agree with your schedule, we are often willing to add classes when trainer schedules permit.  So get a group together today and “Get after it!”

Please be aware there are some disadvantages to the group format. While we always do our best to take into consideration any conditions or injuries you may have, the group sessions are not specifically targeted on your personal weaknesses like one-on-one training is.  Semi-private group workouts are designed with the assumption that everyone is at an accceptable level of conditioning with few to no biomechanical issues or present injuires. They are designed to be challenging. You will be lifting weights, performing bodyweight exercises, throwing medicine balls, pulling weight sleds, etc.  We do require a movement screen for all first-timers.   Semi-private group training is not recommended for those with low movement screen scores.  Prospects with very low scores are advised to do one-on-one & corrective technique training until higher scores are present.

(Prerequisite:   To ensure proper group placement, B-Strong first-timers are required to meet a minimum score on a movement screen prior to participating in Semi-Private training.  One time fee of $75.)

Semi-Private Monthly Pricing:

2 person group:  $399pp for 8 sessions / $549pp for 12 sessions

3 person group: $299pp for 8 sessions /$399pp for 12 sessions

4 or more:  $199pp for 8 sessions /$249pp for 12 sessions

(sessions expire at the end of each month if not used)

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