Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), Level 1

From neurokinetictherapy.com;

“NeuroKinetic Therapy is a powerful adjunct to your practice. The NKT protocol allows you to assess and correct dysfunctional movement patterns and to provide the tools your client needs to perform a successful workout program.NKT utilizes manual muscle testing to assess the four states of a muscle. The first is strong and stretched. This is the optimal condition. The second is strong and tight. This can lead to muscle pulls. The third is weak and stretched. This is common among yoga practitioners and can lead to joint hypermobility. The fourth is weak and tight. This is the worst condition of a muscle and will lead to injury.

Being able to identify these properly and apply that knowledge in a session is an invaluable tool in your practice. The release part of the protocol can be accomplished by stretching or the use of a foam roller so that a personal trainer does not have to perform any soft tissue manipulation. Integrating this technique into your practice will allow you to tailor your workout regimes specifically to your clients’ needs. This will help to avoid unnecessary soreness and injuries.”



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