One on One Training

One on One training is the most effective training because of the personal attention you receive.  Everyone is pre-screened prior to starting an exercise program.  There are a few reasons for pre-screening.  First,  we need to identify any pre-existing issues you may have that you may not be aware of.  This will usually show itself in the form of pain on one of the exercises or movements in the screening process.  Pain is an indication that something is not working correctly and you may need to be referred out to the appropriate personnel.  Second, we need to find out what your “weaknesses” are.  These “weaknesses” may be asymmetries, poor ROM, poor fundamental movement patterns,  specific muscle weakness or tightness, or just general poor conditioning, any of which may result in pain.  Fix the weak link, improve quality of movement, then work on quantity.  Patience will lead to some very measurable results.  Only the focused and motivated need apply!!  We take this serious, so you can get serious results and learn in the process.  The better you do, the more we both learn.


Member: $50/half hour session

Member: $75/full session                                    

Non-member: $100/session

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